Sunday, January 13, 2013

So Happy

We are soooo happy to be back on the pulmonary floor! We made so many friends with the staff on this floor, and Aubree got lots of admirers during all of her pre-op time here. Many of them have come by to greet Aubree since her return, which means so much to us that our girl is so cared for. Her nurse once we got to move yesterday and all of today was a sweet nurse named Cheryl that she had previously. She was just so sweet, and it was great to have someone who already knew us and Aubree. There is so much more privacy and less traffic on this floor, meaning less of Aubree crying as fewer people are coming in and out. She might be getting just slightly less anxious with the staff, but not much. We will take any progress we can get in this area!

Aubree is getting stronger and making more progress everyday! She is taking longer and longer sprints off of the cpap and onto the nasal cannula with o2. She sat up unassisted today for a few spurts today. She has also been playing with toys and has gotten her voice back. She has been talking and mocking our sounds like crazy today. So good to be getting our girl back to herself little by little! I have also been climbing up in the crib and playing with Aubree, which we have both loved! Dad and I have also enjoyed getting to hold our girl!

Aubree's Jeunes buddy Will made it to Philly today with his family. Please pray for his family in the coming days for the appointments, tests, and recommendations they have in the days to come. Today is also Aubree's Mammee's (my Mama's) birthday. Happy birthday to her from CHOP! Aubree is also wearing a gown especially made for her for after surgery. Thanks to Andrea Segal and her mom Denise!


  1. Love it!!! So happy to finally meet you today and thrilled to read this latest update on Aubree. Praying for many, many more blessings on your amazing family.

  2. Thank you for the update today. Aubree has been in our prayers, and in the prayers of our Sunday School class, church, co-workers and friends. Looking at little Aubree in these sweet pictures, smiling amidst all she's going through is so inspiring. We're praying for ya'll as well. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to have your baby go through all of this. I'm so grateful that the Lord has brought you to CHOP, where you are receiving such good care. Give that little darling hugs and kisses from us, and hugs are sent to ya'll as well. We love you and miss you! God bless you! - Lisa