Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Update Post Op

Our precious girl is back in the picu and resting comfortably most of the time. The anesthesiologist said that she has a high medication tolerance, meaning she requires more medication than what they would expect to keep her comfy and without pain. Once she got back in the picu, they started her on a low dose of continuos pain and sedation meds and gradually increased as she kept being in more pain. They would also give her rescue meds when she would wake up in pain, which are just immediate doses of the meds she is already getting on the slow drip. Sometimes she was having to get these as often as every 20 minutes. This was a very hard process to watch her writhing in pain as they try to find the happy medium of meds for her. However, I think that we finally have a pain and comfort regimen that is working for her. Aubree will know open her eyes for a couple of minutes and not grimace in pain like she had been. They have also added another medicine that has sedating and pain management properties that she can still be on when she doesn't have the breathing tube, while the other ones she can only be on a very low dose or not any at all.

They started her on half her normal volume of feedings, but instead of breast milk and formula, they are doing pedialyte through her tube to see how she tolerates that for 24 hours. Then, the plan is to move to 1/2 pedialyte, 1/2 normal bottle contents through the tube (still the reduced volume). All of this will be through her new gtube for now because she can't have anything by mouth with the breathing tube in. Please pray for Aubree to tolerate these so that she can have nutrition to help her grow stronger and heal.

We anticipate Aubree staying on the vent with breathing tube at least through the week. Please start praying now for when they will extubate her (take the breathing tube out and be off the vent), that she would be able to maintain her respiratory function on whatever lower level of support she will be put on (most likely Cpap).

Today, they removed her catheter because she was leaking around it anyway. So, now he will have to have diaper changes which involves more frequent movement which can be painful for her. Please pray that she will tolerate her changes well and with little to no pain. Also, now that she is receiving pedialyte and soon to be feeds through her gtube, they have discontinued her IV fluids.

Today, Aubree opened her eyes for a few minutes and watched a few videos of her and daddy laughing together, which are some of her favorites. She would also follow me with her eyes. When she stirs, she also moves her arms and legs. While she needs to be resting as much as possible, it is good to know our little angel is still in there.

Below are some pictures of Aubree with us (you might have seen some of these on facebook already). There is also one of her the morning of her surgery before she went back. The others are her post op. The one of her sleeping is the day of surgery and the other is her today, about a day post op. There is also an X-ray of her chest post op. So much more already on the side!

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming amount of encouragement and prayers via text and facebook. We are also so thankful for those family members who are able to be with us and support us physically with food, drinks, and other needs so that we never have to leave Aubree's side. Please continue praying for our tough little girl as she recovers. Praise the Lord for His healing already taking place in her tiny body. We pray for even more healing in the days and weeks to come!


  1. Thank you for the update on sweet Aubree! So thankful for her progress and will continue to pray for the best recovery possible. It's nice to know what to pray about in her recovery. Hugs to all of you, Donna Frederick

  2. Audra thought a lot of you guys and am so glad to hear they have managed her pain. I've cried many tears for her thinking of her pain and then tears of joy knowing she is going to feel better once it's all done. We have been praying each night. I wanted to let you all know what great examples of faith and hope you are.

  3. So glad her pain meds are finally moderated and that you can still see your sweet girl under all the equipment. Love you and we are continually praying. You are an inspiration!

  4. We prayed for your baby this morning.Praise God she is doing well.PHIL & TONI Huss

  5. Hi Audra and Derrick. I don't know if you remember me but this is Karla Luckman. My family is from Jackson, TN and we are the friends who come to see Ronnie, Jesse and Lauren every July. I saw the story about your daughter on Kaylyn's wall. She is such a cute little angel. Just wanted you to know she and your whole family have been in my prayers. Praying she heals quickly. Glad to see the update that looks like things are going good. I know she still has a long way but believe God will watch over and protect her. Will keep you in my prayers. Just wanted to let you know we were thinking about all of you. Take care.