Monday, January 7, 2013

Post Extubation Update

These are the lengthy Facebook posts from earlier today. I am putting them here to update friends who follow us who are not on Facebook and for us to recount the day in the future.

1st post after extubation:

I cannot yet put into words what a terribly traumatizing and painful process this extubation was; however, she is still extubated and on the pixie mask with the trilogy ventilator on Cpap function with a pressure of 10. Once mama finally convinced them to give the poor baby some pain meds as she thrashed in pain and anxiety for an hour, she finally calmed down. She now has her giraffe that she sleeps with and is finally resting. Please continue praying for our tough girl and for mom and dad on the sidelines who aren't nearly as tough as she is. She is such a trooper but still has more to conquer in the road to recovery.

2nd post after extubation:

I probably posted the last status a little prematurely. I was pretty shaken and stunned from the extubation process and was not focused on the big picture of the whole situation. Glory to God for a successful extubation! Thank you Lord for allowing out girl to pull through a very difficult thing! Thank you friends and family for pouring out so many prayers and well wishes for our sweet daughter and us! Lord, help me to stay focused on you and the blessings you pour out on us! Maybe God allows there to be so many baby steps to a final recovery to give us (me) more opportunities to rely on Him and give Him praise for all He has done!

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