Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lady and Papa to the Rescue!

Ever since Aubree was born (and even before), Derrick, Aubree, and I have been supported, prayed for and loved by so many. Once we found out about Aubree's diagnosis and the wheels started turning for her to have a consultation in San Antonio for the craziest, potentially life-saving surgery we had ever heard of, our close friends and family who knew what we were planning rallied around us with support. Derrick's parents, Lady and Papa to the grand kids, quickly offered to accompany us and help in any way they could. So, we took a caravan of 2 vehicles down to San Antonio where they made arrangements for us to stay, super cleaned the room before we took Aubree in, and accompanied us to all of the different tests and appointments there. Their help and support was invaluable in that experience. On the way back from that trip, Rick and Deb started getting the ball rolling to purchase the awesome RV that they have now. While it had been something they had been thinking about, I believe that the future of many surgeries for our blue-eyed baby girl got that ball tiling even faster.

Fast forward to late November, early December. We knew that the time would be coming for Aubree to travel to CHOP at any moment. Again, Lady and Papa were on board and said to just tell them when to leave and they would be there. With less than a week's notice from the hospital, they accompanied us on the journey to CHOP.

And they have been with us every step of the way. All of the travel and lodging up there, staying with us for much longer than we anticipated being in Philly, missing their usual Christmas traditions back home, and the journey back home. Waiting with us while Aubree was back in a procedure or in surgery. Not to mention washing our clothes, Aubree's bottles, bringing us meals, getting us medicine, and anything else we needed to help us be with Aubree around the clock. Not to mention making the Ronald McDonald House room homey and decorated for Aubree's first Christmas. And most of all, the emotional support they provided for us and extreme sacrifice they made to be there for us.

Lady and Papa, I cannot adequately put into words how much we appreciate all that you have done, not only in support of Aubree but of us as well. We could never thank you enough. We love and appreciate you!

The pictures below are from September when we took Aubree to San Antonio for her first VEPTR consultation. They are some of my favorites!

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