Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 Months

Today marks three months that Aubree has been inpatient. She was admitted to Arkansas Children's Hospital on March 17th via Angel One helicopter and has remained inpatient at either ACH or CHOP since then. In the hospital, she has spent has first St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and birthday. She has cut seven of her eight teeth and we have celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary, Daddy's 30th birthday, Mother's Day, and Father's Day all from a hospital room.

We truly did not think we would still be in the hospital after so long, but God had other plans. On the other hand, there have been times throughout this hospitalization that we weren't sure whether or not we would even be as far as we are right now either. Aubree has been so very critical to at times during this hospitalization. While this has been absolutely excruciating for us as parents to see her in such a way, it has provided many opportunities to cry out to God in our weakest states. So many opportunities for God to intervene and provide comfort and healing as He sees fit.

The thing that becomes more and more apparent the longer we are on this medical journey with Aubree is that doctors are just ordinary people doing the best they can with the knowledge and experiences they have, just like we all do. Don't get me wrong, we know we are getting the best of the best in medical care for our girl and have amazing doctors on her team, but doctors can't just fix things. One of my sister's sweet students brought her a handful of pennies recently and told her to send it to the doctors so they would make Aubree all better. Such a precious gesture, and how I wish at times it was as simple as the doctors jut making her better. Sometimes, I find myself wondering how there can be so many unknowns with a hospital full of doctors. Those times are just great reminders and further affirmation that God is truly the Great Physician and the only One who is truly all knowing. While the doctors and medical staff have been wonderful instruments in Aubree's healing, we know it has been through the direction of God.

While there were so many firsts and celebrations that we wish were at home, we praise God for the things we have been able to celebrate at the hospital: her first major cold NOT being lethal as we were told it could be, surgery allowing both of her lungs the opportunity to grow and support her, successful extubation, a currently stable respiratory status, and almost completely weaning off of IV meds that she has been on for almost 3 months, and so many more reasons to celebrate.

Throughout all of this, we have been carried by God and our sweet family and friends. Thank you to all of you who remain by our side through this longer than expected journey. Please continue to pray for us, especially Aubree.