Monday, January 7, 2013


Thank you all again for the prayers lifted up for us and Aubree during extubation! Praise the Lord for a successful extubation! Lots of progress has been made since then.

- Aubree has gotten rid of a ton of fluid through her diaper since being extubated. I think she got rid of around 900 grams of fluid more than what she took in yesterday. She looks so much less puffy!

- Her 2 surgical drains and her arterial line were both removed this morning. Both removals require a lot of tape pulling and removing stitches. She was such a trooper!

- Aubree can suck on her paci again and have some comfort! She couldn't have it while intubated and wouldn't take it right after extubation. I think she was a little bit traumatized from all the negative simulation in her mouth. However, last night she took it and has been happily sucking away ever since :)

- We saw some sweet smiles this morning! The first we have seen since surgery! She can't smile as big as she usually does because of the mask, but they are still so wonderful to see!

- Aubree only needed 4 rescues I believe since extubation. One of those was preventative so she would not be in pain during the removal of the drains and arterial line. She seems so much more comfortable now and does not require nearly as much medicine to be in that comfy state.

- They bumped her down to Cpap pressure of 8 this morning, down from 10 yesterday. We also decreased her o2 from 40% to 30%. As long as she does good on this, she can will continue being bumped down. Also, with decreased pressure support, she can try RAM cannula again, which is much less involved than the pixie mask. It is just a little bigger and thicker than a regular nasal cannula. Please pray for her to continue weaning down successfully!

Thank you again for all of the support from you all! We are so encouraged and uplifted by you all! And, just to share more picts, here are some favorites from late October when Aubree was at Arkansas Children's Hospital for observation.

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