Saturday, January 12, 2013

Moving on the Pulmonary Floor

Aubree has done 2 days of sprints off the Cpap machine onto a nasal cannula of 1 liter of o2. The first day, she did 2, 2 hour sprints and did great. The second day, yesterday, she did 2, 3 hour sprints like a champ. She is currently a couple of hours into her second sprint today and is rocking and rolling! Also, yesterday we just did one ipv treatment, and they were discontinued today. The doctors and respiratory therapists said it is just not indicated that she needs them any more because she sounds really clear and doesn't really have any secretions. they are continuing the albuterol she was receiving through the treatments. Now, it is just every 8 hours through the RAM cannula while she is on Cpap.

During rounds yesterday, they said Aubree was doing so great with her sprints off Cpap and was stable enough to be moved to the pulmonary floor. Praise the Lord for progress! So, we packed everything up and got ready to go, only to find out the pulmonary floor was full. Today, they say a room has opened up, given us a room number, and now we wait for everything to be ready for Aubree to be there. (Update: just got to her new room!)

Other eventful things are that Aubree has no more IV lines in and can finally kick her legs around without no-nos (immobilizers) on them. Also, I have gotten to hold Aubree in the rocking chair for a couple of hours the last couple of days. She kind of cries when she is first moved, but settles down pretty quickly. Transitions are just painful from all the trauma her body endured from surgery, but they want her moving around so her muscles don't get stiff. Physical and occupational therapy have also started up, and Aubree has worked so hard to tolerate sitting assisted and laying on her side. She cries at first when she is put in a new position, but settles down after just a bit. It is hard to watch her struggle in pain, but she is so tough and is making progress every day!

Our most continuous struggle since Aubree had surgery is that she is something they are calling staffphobic. She just panics when people come in the room that aren't family because she is afraid they are going to hurt her. It only makes sense because the medical staff have to move her and it hurts, so she made the negative association quickly. We are hoping this passes quickly since her pain should be decreasing as time goes on.

Prayer requests include for Aubree's pain to subside when she is moved, for her to not be so afraid of the staff, and for her to keep making great progress respiratory wise. Also, keep remembering her other 2 Jeunes buddies in your prayers! Thank you all for the prayers, love, and support!

Below are some pictures of Aubree getting closer to being back to her playful self, me getting to hold her, and Aubree working hard with a therapist.


  1. Yay! I am so happy to hear you guys are on the pulmonary floor! Go Aubree go..continue to amaze those doctors! You are a tough little girl. We will continue to pray for you, your family, and your friends at CHOP.
    Mauree :)

  2. Derrick, you have such a strong girl there. It is not surprising since she comes from such a strong and loving family. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  3. Beautiful girl ~ love that lil' trooper!