Monday, January 7, 2013

On the RAM Cannula and Overwhelmed by Support

Aubree has had a pretty good day. The highlight of the afternoon was her getting to take off the pixie mask and start using the RAM cannula since they reduced her pressure support. She is so much more comfy from that aspect because she doesn't have to wear headgear, just a simply cannula . We are also excited for the change because the pixie mask would lose its seal and blow that pressurized air in her eyes and face at times. Her settings are now Cpap pressure of 8 with 30% o2.

In other news, they are restarting her feeds again tonight at half volume. She had them cut off yesterday morning for the extubation just to make sure she didn't have anything in her tummy to vomit or aspirate into her lungs. Please pray for this to go well so that she can get back on full feeds. Not only is this beneficial for her to help regain strength, she can start having pain meds through her tube (like oral pain meds) once feeds are established well. Aubree has been crying, writhing, and wincing in pain today as they continue to wean her IV meds in hopes she can have some oral meds in her tube soon. She has had a few rescues and calms down once the pain subsides. Please pray for Aubree to get on a good pain regimen, hopefully oral pain meds through the tube that last longer and do not reduce respiratory drive. Also, please pray for her pain to subside as quick as possible. While we know it will not be quick considering she has 16 fractures in her ribs, a titanium rod implanted, and the wounds from being cut open, we pray for her to be pain free as soon as can be.

Also, Derrick and I are so grateful to those of you who have donated to the gofundme account our friend Andrea set up for us at love the name All in for Aubree! It is such a great descriptor for all of you who have come alongside us and our daughter. Hosts of people have reached out and expressed love and support to us and it means so much to us. It helps keep keep our spirits high. Most importantly, the prayers you all have prayed for us and have recruited from others have brought us so much peace and comfort in the midst of all the crazy. And, God hears and answers prayers! We have seen it so evidently through all of this! Every baby step towards full healing is a blessing from God. Thank you for continuing to pray for us, Aubree, and her doctors!


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