Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Aubree!

A year ago today, Derrick and I anxiously awaited meeting the sweet baby girl whom we had grown to love over the last nine months.  Though she was already in existence and very much alive, we couldn't wait to meet her face-to-face.  With the majority of both of our families living hours away, it was a blessing for a C-section for breech to be scheduled.  This meant all of our family members and friends could be there for Aubree's birth without travel time interfering.  26 people were in the waiting room anticipating the birth of Aubree while Derrick and I were back in the OR. 

Our sweet girl just a few minutes old (and the first time I got to see her!)

That afternoon, our sweet girl came out silent, but kicking.  While she was beautiful in our eyes, she looked a terrible gray color and was immediately receiving help from NICU staff that was present.  Another blessing from the C-section was that NICU staff were already present per hospital policy.  God knew what he was doing making this baby breech!  Instead of Derrick carrying Aubree out in his arms as was the plan, she was wheeled out in an isolet with our family and friends only getting a glimpse of Aubree on her way to the NICU. 
Our sweet Aubree, less than a day old with a breathing tube in.  She didn't have to keep it very long. 
So beautiful and such a fighter even then!
We will be forever grateful for the excellent, loving care Aubree received in the Willow Creek NICU.  While it was extremely unexpected for Aubree to need such assistance after birth, God took care of Aubree and held us up in such a trying time.  Also, having literally taken her to other places in the state and across the country, we know Aubree could not have gotten better care anywhere else.  Thank you Willow Creek NICU for all you did and have done for us and our girl!

Sweet sign Derrick's mom (goes by Lady to the grandkids) made to help celebrate Aubree's birthday.
While there have been surgeries, trying medical times, and so many other hard times throughout the last year, none of those things pale in comparison to the love, joy, and happiness we have experienced since Aubree was born.  Aubree is the bright light in our lives we didn't know we were missing.  Made in His image, Aubree has shown us even more glimpses of the joy of the Lord.  Also, we have an even greater understanding (though still not a full understanding) of how much our Heavenly Father loves us and Aubree.  We love our precious daughter more than we ever thought it possible to love another person, and God loves her even more than we do!  Hard to even fathom because we love her so very much! 

Sleeping beauty in her birthday bow and bib
Also, having Aubree has really brought to light the great sacrifice God made on our behalf of sacrificing His Son Jesus Christ so that the debt of our sins could be paid so that we might spend eternity in Heaven with Him.  What great love God must have for us to sacrifice His Son so that we might become sons and daughters? I cannot fully comprehend this because I cannot imagine having to turn my back on Aubree and for her to die the most painful of deaths so that others might have eternal life.  Thank you Lord for giving us the hope of eternal life by trusting and believing in Jesus Christ! 
Still smiling!

Aubree has also brought so many people to the feet of Jesus, crying out to Him to heal and comfort this sweet baby.  So many prayer warriors and some praying for the first time in a while have come alongside us and prayed on behalf of our sweet girl.  And, what glory God gets when she has improvement, shows signs of healing, or even remains stable.  Our great God is definitely in control, yet hears and answers the prayers of His people. 
While it has been the hardest, this has truly been the very best year of our life!  It has been so much greater than we could have ever anticipated!  We are so thankful for everyday that God has given us with Aubree and look forward to each additional day the Lord gives us with her.  I know that this is not the typical 1st birthday post with milestones and statistics (which are great to record and celebrate), those are not the things that came to mind when thinking of the blessing our sweet Aubree has been to us over the past year.  We are most thankful for who she is, the way God created her before we even knew she would be coming, and the sweet spirit He instilled in our girl.  While milestones and places on growth charts are great, we don't love Aubree for what she can do or how she appears physically.  We love our precious jewel for who she is, our precious daughter made perfectly in the image of a King! 
Banner made by Derrick's mom (goes by Lady to the grandkids). 
So sweet that she worked so hard to help make Aubree's birthday special in the hospital. 

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  1. I thought that looked like Lady's work. She always does the best. Thankful that you have had this year with Aubree and the grace GOD has given to you and your sweet little family. Happy Birthday Aubree from Cooper and Quinn's Nana and Papa Scott!