Sunday, March 3, 2013

Aubree is 10 Months Old!

We are so enjoying our time at home with Aubree!  I know I keep saying this, but she seriously gets more fun everyday!  Her personality is really shining through.  Aubree is so sweet, loving, joyful, and has strong opinions.  She is a girl who knows what she wants!  She has all of the sudden started to do so many things, and I really want to record them so we don't forget any of the milestones that we are praising God for!  He has done a miraculous work in her life and has blessed us immeasurably with Aubree! 

* I already posted this on Facebook, but want to have it here, too.  On February 19th, Aubree's physical therapist and I were trying to get Aubree to wave bye to her. Instead, she just blurted out bye. Then, she told my Granny bye several times on the phone the same day. Daddy worked with her some more on it that evening, and she has it down! Then, on February 22nd, Aubree said Amber (without pronouncing the m or r) many times, especially when she was on the phone on speaker. That night, we were working on Mama, and Daddy was recording our little chatterbox. Right after he stopped recording, she blurted out Mama plain as day. To say I was excited would be an understatement!  She hasn't said Mama again, but still chatters and "talks" quite a bit.  Aubree used to "talk" some, but not consistently.  After she said bye to her physical therapist, I started praising her everytime she would talk.  She loves praise, so now she talks all the time!  She has figured out it is pretty fun!  Thank you Lord for Aubree's voice and words!

*Aubree got her first tooth on February 23.  Its on the bottom, middle right, and, in the words of Aunt Amber, "is the cutest tooth we have ever seen!"  Aubree must really treasure this tooth because she is very secretive with it and acts like a snapping turtle if we try to take a peek.  She clamps her lips shut and, if you can pry her lips open, pushes your finger with her tongue.  Asleep and if she is crying (which is rare) are the only times we can get a good look at the cutest tooth in the world. 

*The day after she got her first tooth, she decided to clap and wave on the same day.  Daddy was working on getting Aubree to wave at him, and he was successful.  Its not a typical hand wave, but one with the full arm engaged.  We love it!  We were praising her (the girl LOVES praise) by clapping for her for waving, and she started clapping along with us.  We had been working on clapping in physical therapy and at home, so we were thrilled to see her accomplish this goal!

*Speaking of Daddy, someone is becoming quite the Daddy's girl :)  She still loves Mama, but is elated when Daddy comes home.  She reaches for him quite a bit and sometimes will start to fuss, and then we figure out it is because she wants Daddy.  I can't blame her; I'm pretty fond of her Daddy, too :)

*Aubree still loves dancing, and Daddy has even introduced her to the Harlem Shuffle music which she dances to.  She keeps us laughing!

*Our big girl loves standing assisted and will reach and grab our fingers to stand up.  She also will stand up if holding onto the ottoman and will take steps around it.  Aubree will also pull to stand from her activity table and other toys that height. 

*New foods Aubree has liked are Progresso chicken noodle soup, homemade tomato soup (featured in the picture below with her hair in a ponytail), cheerios, creamy fruit pops, baked sweet potato, homemade bread, and homemade smoothies.  Baby food just isn't as appealing now that she has tasted the good stuff :)

*Aubree is loving bath time!  She loves splashing in the water and playing with floating bath toys.  She isn't really fond of having her hair rinsed, but other than that thinks baths are great!

*Aubree is a lover just like her Mama!  Anyone that knows me well knows I am a hugger, and Aubree is very affectionate, too.  She will lay her head down with her arms on you and give you "lovins."  It of course melts our hearts!  A few nights ago, Mo was laying close to her, and Aubree was petting him and then laid her head down and gave him some "lovins."  Too sweet!  She loves her puppy, and Mo is so good with her . 

*Poor baby has had the slightest bit of nasal congestion and is working on another tooth.  We took her to the doctor last week (on the well side, went straight back, kept her covered, etc. with precautions) to be on the safe side, and she has a right ear infection.  The doctor was shocked she hadn't been really fussy (she had only been just a tad more fussy) or waking in the middle of the night like most babies do.  Aubree is one tough cookie!  She will start some antibiotics to get rid of the ear infection and ward off anything that might come from the little bit of nasal congestion.  Her lungs sounded clear as a whistle!  We are doing everything in our power to keep Aubree well (this was actually her second time out of the house since coming back home from surgery and only my third).  This is especially important because of her decreased lung volume.  If she were to get sick, it could get really, really bad very fast and could have lifetime consequences for Aubree.  Also, she has to be well at least 2 weeks prior to surgery, or it has to be postponed.  Rescheduling is not something that is easy to do when the inventor and world expert on VEPTR does her surgery!  While it might sound extreme to keep Aubree and I at home all the time, we just have to be so super cautious with her.  We honestly have great days playing at home together, and I am a homebody anyway from being raised out in the country.  Our pediatrician commended us for keeping her in, especially this year when they had a record-setting number of sick children visits in the month of January (more than they have ever had in 25 years of practice), with many of those being flu, RSV, and pneumonia.  Thank you Lord for keeping our sweet daughter safe in the midst of all of the sickness going around! 

Thank you to everyone who keeps up with Aubree and for continuing to lift her (and us) up in prayer.  We are right at about a month away from leaving for Philadelphia for Aubree to having her VEPTR implant surgery on the left side.  The actual surgery date is April 9th.  Please be praying for Aubree's health and healing for this surgery as well!  Speaking of Philly, Aubree's Jeunes buddy Madden is extubated again and is making progress everyday towards less breathing support.  Thank you all for praying for him as well in his recovery.


  1. Aubree is such a little sweetheart! Continually keeping you all in prayer! Give that sweet little girl 'lovins' from Ms. Lisa and Mr. Todd!

  2. Love it!!! She is just so precious and I love reading all about her new things she's learning. She seems to be hitting every milestone right on time which says so much about her determination and God's blessings. Many, many prayers with you all and your sweet girl as she continues proving that miracles happen every. single. day. :) Love from our fam to yours!