Sunday, December 9, 2012

On the Road

We have left for CHOP! It is about a 20 hour trip just for driving with no stops. So, we are breaking the trip into 3 legs with longer legs on Sunday and Monday, and a shorter leg on Tuesday when we are to arrive at CHOP.

We are so thankful to Lady and Papa (Derrick's parents) for taking us in their RV. Aubree can actually have room to get out and stretch during stops! They love Aubree so much, and it will be great to have them with us at CHOP as well. Some have asked why we aren't flying, and we aren't because we do not know what Aubree's oxygen needs would be at the high altitude. Additionally, putting her on a commercial flight with that much exposure to germs is way too big of a risk for Aubree as well.

A big thanks to Aunt Amber for coming and staying over the weekend to help get things ready for the trip and watch Aubree while we were working on packing! They both loved getting some good quality time together before the big trip!

Thanks again for the sweet words of encouragement and prayers! They mean so much! Please pray for safe travels and for everyone on the trip, particularly Aubree, to stay in good health. We will try to continue updating as we can!

The first picture is of Aubree in the RV on the way to CHOP. The others are Aubree opening her first Christmas gift, an early one from Aunt Ginger, Uncle Danny, and cousin Canaan. She loved the opening and the gift!


  1. Safe travels! So thankful you have family going with you and a ride in an RV which should help. Praying for wisdom from the doctors and for healing for your sweet girl.

  2. Praying for you guys! Be careful!
    Helen, Alan & Logan